Shortly after obtaining my masters, I began a rapid succession of high profile jobs and clients, starting with Playboy and J. Walter Thompson. Both exposed me to a larger design team and varied options for creativity. This would afford myself opportunities to expand his skillset to include broadcast, 3D / post work and larger event planning and design. During this time I would win the prestigious James Webb Young award at J. Walter Thompson after six months with the company and one of their youngest winners.
As time went on my portfolio continued to grow, rolling in clients from Best Buy, Pokémon, Forbes, WebMD and Medscape. Each job and client has its unique challenges that were all met and exceeded, outlasting many of my contemporaries.
While my knowledge now encompasses newer media, I still relies on my inherent skills as an illustrator and fine artist for each project, along with using my independent work as an exceptional outlet for creativity, which reflects back on the daily jobs.